Mobile Surveillance Trailer

RigSat’s Mobile Surveillance Trailer gives customers the ability to monitor and protect assets in remote locations while simultaneously providing theft and vandalism prevention, even when traditional power sources are unavailable.

Custom built to withstand the rugged demands of the Oil & Gas industry, the Mobile Surveillance Trailer can operate autonomously for periods of 30 to 60 days without the need for intervention. Environmentally controlled, and protected from the elements with R20 insulation, the trailer can be operated using AC/DC power or by the onboard Gas/Propane powered generator.

Multiple HD cameras can be configured to track several moving targets at once, such as vehicles and workers, or identify the unauthorized movement of stationary items such as tanks and shacks. The Infra-red cameras with 30X zoom provide excellent visibility in all conditions including where little or no light is available.

The 24/7 Guard Duty feature continually pans 360 degrees searching for any abnormal activity, while the Gate Monitoring & License Plate Identifier features ensure customers stay alerted to all activities on location. Events are recorded and stored on a high capacity DVR which can be viewed in real time, or recalled for playback when reviewing historical events is required. Alerts and alarm notifications can be fully customized and sent directly to the customer over the RigLink VSAT Network via the onboard Auto-Aiming Satellite, or through a high speed Cellular Data HUB, making deployment possible in almost any geographical location.