Portable Fibre Optic System

Our system allows us to deliver superior and secure cell service no matter how adverse the terrain using state of the art fibre optic technology.

Our system can be used to negate large physical obstructions such as mountains with little degradation in the carrier signal.

From there the carrier signal can be easily re-broadcasted to your location free from obstruction.


  • Digital Dual Band (850/1900 MHz, 21/20 dBm) Repeater.
  • Single mode Fibre Optic system to engage up to 6Km distance from Cell Booster tower to C-can Repeater.
  • Fibre Optics media converters for interface with Radio system
  • Backup power supply system based and 1000 VA UPS with extra set of batteries and a small generator.
  • Advanced diagnostic and troubleshooting tools for Fibre Optics and Radio communication system.
  • Unicam Fibre Optic installation tool kit.