The Necessity of Satellite Phones for the Oil/Gas Industry

Oil and gas rigs can be in remote locations. This is just a simple fact that operators and owners must deal with on a daily basis. The networks needed for regular cellular or internet connection just don’t exist in these locations, and accumulate high data costs as the devices tries to search all directions for signal. 

So how does the industry stay connected? 

Satellite phones!

Keep reading to learn the top reasons why satellite phones for oil/gas industry are so important for daily operation.  

1.  Satellite Phones Increase the Exchange of Data

When you’re working on a rig, you are constantly collecting drilling and seismic information from beneath the earth’s surface. This data informs the rig’s decisions about where to drill, how to drill, etc.  

There are times when this information needs to be shared with a crew of scientists or other decision-makers. Having satellite connectivity from the rig back to headquarters can increase the exchange of real-time data and allow all parties involved to make better, more accurate decisions. A simple data subscription will allow to the information to be passed from site to engineers.  

2. Satellite Phones Increase Efficiency

Satellite communication speeds the efficiency of oil/gas operations. It allows the rig operators to remotely manage the full operation from the rig in the middle of anywhere. 

Using satellite technology allows the rig to track the volume of oil, the angle of the drill bit, and other operations. They can send video via satellite communication of the operations while they are drilling. 

Being able to directly communicate with the office while actively monitoring the operations of the rig allows for quick and efficient solutions to problems. Rig operations are no longer held up by a lack of communication. 

3. Satellite Phones Increase Safety

When working in such extreme conditions, it is a top priority to increase the safety of workers in any way possible. The oil/gas industry strives to maintain safe working conditions for all of its employees. 

Oil/gas rigs can utilize satellite communication to make sure that operations meet the most stringent standards of health and safety. They can more easily communicate about problems, address unsafe conditions, and identify solutions via satellite communications. 

Satellite communications also increase access to medical or other emergency personnel in the event of a crisis. 

4. Satellite Phones are the Standard of the Future

When you are hiring a workforce that is expected to spend months at a time on location, it is important to be able to offer then reliable communication back home. Satellite communication is starting to become the expected standard on rigs. 

In order to hire and keep top-notch talent, your oil/gas rig will need to offer reliable internet access that gives your crew access to social media, video chats with loved ones, and media streaming.  Satellite phones and VoIP (voice over IP) phones are the only way to stay competitive in the industry. 

Like satellite phones, VoIP phones give your crew the ability to stay in touch with friends and family by calls placed over the internet instead of phone lines. 

You Need Satellite Phones for Oil/Gas Industry

As the industry’s rigs become better-equipped with safety, communication, and efficiency options, you will need to invest in satellite phones for oil/gas industry in order to stay competitive.

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